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The poet and writer Laura Orvieto, together with
artists from all over the world, has the honor of

Mirages from an Unreal World

A project of art and literature with the objective of
revolutionizing the world of art with fresh letters and
bright colors.
Because there are stories that are too painful to be
real ... because sometimes life seems like a series of
Mirages from an Unreal World.

Coming August 2010.

*Ivonne, by Juan Ramiro Torres

Collaborating artists:
Lucio Fernández - CUBA | Hugo Lara - ECUADOR | Amado Mora - UNITED STATES | Juan Ramiro Torres - PERÚ | Alma Peralta - PUERTO RICO | Georgina Ciarniello - ARGENTINA | Cindy Parra - BRAZIL | Benjamín Román - UNITED STATES | Juan Carlos Vásquez - VENEZUELA | Daniel Pedrazzoli - JAPAN | Emilio Álvarez - SPAIN